Top 10 Common Things that Guys Hate about Girls

Want to know what guys hate about girls? And you need to know these things and fix them or get the advantage, using them? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the details with tips.

They don’t say men are from Mars and women are from Venus for no reason! Since the beginning of time, men and women have been polar opposites. Because of this, men sometimes get irked and irritated in womanly ways. Here are ten things guys hate about girls.

Things that girls do but guys hate

1. When she can’t take a joke

It’s no surprise that women are much more serious than men. It’s also no surprise that women tend to be more uptight about their appearance compared to their counterparts.

If a guy tells a joke or innocently picks on a woman, she may take the joke or sarcasm to heart and become resentful. If you’re a chick, try not to take everything a guy says to heart. Ninety-nine percent of the time the guy is just joking and really doesn’t mean any harm.

2. When she bugs him nonstop

Alright, ladies, calling/texting, or Snapchatting with a guy every ten minutes is not normal nor is it healthy. Men do not want to feel like they are constantly being checked upon. This type of behavior can come off as possessive, jealous, and borderline obsessive. Plus, keep in mind that men actually do like the thrill of the chase. Stop acting desperate, and let him contact you first sometimes.

3. When she’s a super nag

Ladies, there’s no need to nag your boyfriend or husband every second of every day. It’s a huge turnoff if you’re constantly following him around and throwing orders out at him. If you need help with house chores, ask him once.

There’s no need to remind him every 30 minutes. When he actually completes the tasks asked of him, make sure to say thank you and smack him with a big kiss on the cheek. Gratitude goes a long way!

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4. When she’s catty

Women who are catty with other women come off as insecure and jealous. Insecurity and jealousy are both traits that men do not want in a partner. Girls, there’s no need to comment on another woman’s short skirt or the overdose of makeup on her face.

It just makes you look petty! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. This is one of the things that guys hate about girls.

5. When she doesn’t do anything for herself

Contrary to what you’ve been told, men do want a woman who is independent, one that makes her own money, and can handle things on her own. A relationship will not last long if a man feels like he is a father figure or ATM machine to his lady. Wonderful women like Gloria Steinem, Susan B. Anthony, and Ida B. Wells fought for women’s rights.

Take advantage of those rights and show your man that you’re not keeping him around because you need him. You’re keeping him around because you want him! There’s nothing sexier to a man than a woman who is self-sufficient. Plus, it will make him respect you a hell of a lot more.

6. When she’s a cake face

things guys hate about girls

Yes, cover-up, mascara, and eyeliner are some of the best inventions ever. However, some women do tend to go overboard when it comes to piling on the makeup.

Sometimes, less is more. Men prefer the natural look. When you’re constantly trying to cover up all of your imperfections, a guy may think you are superficial and fake. Real men appreciate real looking women.

7. When she’s jealous

As women, we seem to believe that every other woman who speaks to our man is a threat. This is certainly not the case. Jealousy is a very ugly trait, and men do not want to be around their woman if she blows up and starts an argument over something as ridiculous as an attractive female waitress asking him if he wants syrup with his pancakes.

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Realize that he is with you for a reason, and give the guy a break. There’s no faster way to lose a guy than being super jealous and controlling.

8. When she assumes all men are the same

Yes, some men are cheating pigs, however, that doesn’t mean that ALL men are cheating pigs. Keep in mind that there are actually some pretty great, loyal, and honest men out there. Comparing your guy to other guys with less than desirable traits will just make him think that you’re not content with him and his attempts to make you happy.

If a man starts feeling unappreciated and/or begins to think you label him in the same group as all “other guys” then it’s a matter of time before he leaves you and goes where his loyalty and honesty is appreciated.

9. When she can’t be herself

Let’s be honest, portraying yourself as a prim and proper feminine goddess every single day of your life can be exhausting. Even us girly girls love getting our hands dirty sometimes. Let your hair down and enjoy your tomboy side from time to time.

Go four-wheeling, camping, fishing, or do whatever it is you want to do even if it does include getting a bit of mud on your boots. Guys get turned off by chicks who are afraid to get down and dirty. It makes you come off as high maintenance.

10. When she takes forever and a day to get ready

This is probably the most important thing that guys hate about girls. While men love the idea that we ladies take forever to get ready, so we can look beautiful for them, it’s absolutely not needed every single time there’s a date or outing planned.

Up to you

Guys have things to do, they hate being late, and they really don’t want to sit around watching you change your dress ten times before you finally decide on the perfect one. Speed it up! Remember, you’re gorgeous as is – no need to spend five hours making sure of it.

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