Common Signs to Tell if he’s not Interested Anymore

Being in a relationship based on love is all that we really want and long for, but sometimes we don’t get what we deserve. You already like someone and care about him, but you don’t know if he feels the same way about you. Hanging out with a boyfriend or living with a husband that’s not interested in being with you is not a comfortable situation.

This person might be even sending you mixed signals most of the time: he pulls you in and pushes you out leaving you confused and perplexed. So you keep wondering if he is on the same wave as you or he is just drifting away. Is he falling for you or not? Does he want you anymore? Does he not?

How to tell if a guy is not really into you?

So here are some points that I listed to help you figure out if your crush is interested in you or not.

1. He’s a player

He flirts with other girls when you are around. He compliments them and shows his interest in them while you are there without caring about you or your feelings. He enjoys looking at other girls and hitting on them. He’s a player. He gets along with lots of females.

He’s a flirty and smooth talker to others and he feels no shame hitting on other girls in front of you. So you are not special to him.

2. The man doesn’t want to be around you

You have a date with him and you are supposed to hang out together, but he ditches you and chooses to go out with his buddies instead. He doesn’t like to spend time with you and he backs off whenever you ask him to be alone with you.

He’s always giving you excuses not to be around. He’s always busy, and he doesn’t meet you whenever you want, but whenever he wants and whenever it suits him better.

If he wants you he will make time for you. It doesn’t have to be every day but even seeing him once a week is satisfying if he is really into you. And this is a strong signal my dear that he’s not interested at all.

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3. No respect for you

He disrespects you around his friends and makes jokes about you even if it’s humiliating. He doesn’t introduce you to them as his “girlfriend” and whenever you are hanging out with his pals he blows you off and keeps himself busy with them leaving you on the dark side.

4. He doesn’t want you to meet his family

He never introduced you to his mother or showed interest in doing so which means that you are not so important to him. He just sees you as a fling, not as a real love partner. And he doesn’t show any interest in meeting your parents as well.

When you ask him about his future plans he hesitates or he just answers ” I don’t know!”. A man who is so into you will be enthusiastic to talk about his future life with you and will be so happy to share everything with you.

5. The guy is clingy to his phone

You are outside on a date and instead of talking to you he just grabs his phone and keeps tweeting or Facebooking. He prefers to talk to “virtual ” people instead of talking to the “real” you.

Again, you are talking about serious stuff; You are in the middle of a conversation, and his phone rings and he picks up without even apologizing leaving you like an idiot talking to yourself. This man doesn’t care about you at all.

In this case, you can use any free phone lookup services and find out if there is a hidden dating account or even social media profiles. Many tools detect these accounts and even more, you can get surprising details by just using your boyfriend’s cell number.

6. They never calls

When you call him, he doesn’t answer and he doesn’t even bother to send a message back telling you he’s busy or caught up in the middle of something. You are always the first to call.

A guy who likes you will always seize any opportunity to get closer to you and to know you better so he won’t stop calling you or texting you to be sure that you are doing OK.

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7. Hating the way you look

He always criticizes the way you dress and talk, he doesn’t like your taste in clothes. Or, he compliments other girls’ clothing, and no matter how hard you try to get his attention he just doesn’t care. So sad! It’s a sign that the man is not attracted to you anymore.

8. He doesn’t know you

He doesn’t even make the least effort to make the relationship work. He doesn’t remember the smallest details about you: your birthday, your favorite food, movie, restaurant, color…

If he’s really interested in you, believe me, he will try hard to know everything about you even if he will know things about you that you don’t even know. A man that is infatuated by you will surprise you with very sweet gifts like a playlist that you like, a romantic dinner. He will do everything he can to make you really happy.

 9. Lying all the time

When he says he loves you while he’s looking into your body not deep down into your eyes then HE DOES NOT! He’s lying. He’s just saying it to please you and to get you into bed.

Don’t be his dark secret. You better be his first and only or don’t be at all. He pictures you as a sex object, not a lifetime lover. Just an object that he can use and get rid of later. He is just looking for a fling. So lady, ditch him and look for the real deal.

10. The man is not a jealous type

Whenever a girl wants to know if a male is interested in her or not she will try to make him jealous. So, she will tell him about another man she met claiming that that boy has a thing for her for a long time. Thus, if your guy stiffens and asks you about that specific boy and wants to know more about him, be sure that he really likes you and wants no competition with any other guy no matter who.

11. He prefers social networking over you

The man clicks like on every girls’ picture on Facebook, and he’s online all the time, but he doesn’t talk to you, and when you ask him “why don’t you talk to me?” He says he’s busy before you used to text all the time. He comments on other girls’ statuses and makes jokes while you are just watching and burning inside.

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12. Avoiding eye contact with you

When a guy loves a lady, he will always look into her eyes and even if he’s not that much of a talker, his eyes will tell you a lot about him. Sometimes when you look at him you will catch him gazing at you.

This means that he has a big crush on you, but if he keeps avoiding looking into your eyes, then he’s not that into you, honey. Though there are some shy boys who can’t look into their crashes’ eyes, there is a difference between a shy boy and a boy who avoids making eye contact on purpose.

13. Treating you badly

The way he treats you is the way he feels about you, my dear. So if he’s being gentle, nice, caring, and loving then he actually cares about you, but if he ignores you, blows you off, or drifts away from you then he’s not interested in you at all. And as it is said “what you see is what you get” So open up your eyes and read the signs well!

In conclusion

So ladies as you can see these are the most common signs that you can tell that the guy doesn’t like you the same way you do. So I hope you got your answer.

I know it hurts a lot when the one you care about doesn’t give a damn about you. It hurts when you call over and over again, but he doesn’t return your calls when you text him and he doesn’t text back when you crave to see him, but he blows you off.

I know all of this hurts like hell and it will hurt for a while, but believe me, nothing lasts forever and as it is said: “what goes around comes around”. So stand up and be strong for yourself. This is a lesson to learn from; learn to let go and walk away with dignity instead of humiliating yourself and suffering more.

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