Privacy Policy Statement for Weblani

In this privacy policy statement, we show you what kind of data our website, “we”, “Weblani”, “”, collect and how we use, we think that telling people about this data usage is helpful, so, everyone knows how the web works and what options he has to deal with private information.

Use of Cookies

We use website cookies to improve the user experience and make the site better, in addition, Weblani saves the page’s static content like HTML to improve the page speed when you visit another page. The majority of the website uses cookies in the web browsers and it’s totally fine, however, you can disable or enable cookies in your web browser by following guides from Google Chrome or other web browsers.

Cookies are small files that your web browser saves in a local folder to accelerate page loading time and improve experiences, so, when you don’t clear the browser cache for a long time and you visit lots of websites daily, your web browser will work slowly in that case, so you can clear the cache once in a few months or so as a tip.

Google Analytics integration

Weblani uses Google Analytics, which is a trusted tool of statistics that millions of websites use to learn more about how users use their sites and interact with. So, when you visit a page, we know from what country you’re viewing the content, what browser you’re using, and even the IP address. But that’s only for good reasons and analytics, we don’t share the data with anyone, and we don’t sell it with anyone.

What data we collect

Weblani doesn’t know your name or email address if you just read pages, we only save simple data like the page speed, country code, IP, type of browser, and the sources of traffic like Google, social media, etc…

On the other hand, if you add a comment or send us a message using the contact page, we collect your IP address and save your name and email address you typed for further follow-up. So, we know that you send the message using the contact form on the dedicated page, that way, the Weblani team can reply to your message and we know it’s not spam.

Protection of your data

Weblani will not sell or share your data with any party, we only use the above-mentioned analytic details to make the site work better and know how the user interacts with the content like the reading time, the number of pages visited during a single session, etc…

All the data is stored securely using the latest server protection technologies, so, we update the server regularly and even better, the connection between your web browser and our servers is fully encrypted, so, it’s not like the old days of sites with no security measures.

We take the privacy of our readers seriously and we’re always improving the site speed, security, and performance based on the data we collect and store security for a limited period of time.