Signs a Guy Likes you But is Trying not to Show it

Dying to know what he actually feels for you even when he is yet to say anything? Well, keep your cool and let me help you get past the wondering stage to something more concrete – signs he likes you but trying really hard not to show it.

When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s still one game no one has been able to successfully conquer. And the reason comes from the fact that human nature can’t always be predicted 100%. But if you look closely, there are always landmarks, milestones, signs to look out for to know when a guy is trying hard not to let you see his true feelings for you. Watch here the 10 signs that he likes you, but is hiding their feelings.

How do you know if a guy likes you secretly?

1. He is always around you

Now, sometimes when a guy tries to hide his true feelings for you he might want to stay away to avoid you noticing. But at some point, he might find it hard to help himself and always want to be around you.

In the first instance, the chances are that he thinks about you a lot and would try to seize every opportunity to be around you, especially with others so he can catch as much glimpse of you as possible.

Common let’s face it when you like a guy you secretly want to take a quick look without being cut in the act don’t you? Well, the same for the guy. So watch out for those too many coincidental meetings and those quick glances. Still not convinced about this, then read on for other signs.

2. He remembers those tiny little details

When you say something to a guy and you seem to have forgotten, I dare say that for a guy who likes you, nothing gets past him that looks like you without it being stored in the deepest recess of his heart.

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Hanging around you gives him an opportunity to ask questions about every little detail he can scrap. Even when you are not talking, he can still hear, see or feel you because suddenly everything about you lights up in his head.

He gets to know your birthdays and special moments either from you or if you share close friends. Besides asking, he tends to notice a lot. So when a guy often lets out a little more knowledge about you than you might have provided, it could just be one of those signs to watch out for in addition to others.

3. He is asking intimate questions

When a guy starts trying to know more about your personal life, hobbies, likes and dislikes, close friends, family members; anything about your background he is trying to recreate your past in his mind. And that’s because he wants to connect with you beyond a by-a-chance meeting.

4. He is inconsistent in emotional reactions

Hey, don’t blame him too much. He is human and trying hard to deal with his emotions for some reason. So when a guy likes you the tendency is to pull different actions and reactions around you emotionally.

He might be all too friendly today and think he has made it too obvious he likes you and then suddenly becomes withdrawn or unfriendly to you. So, today he is blowing cold and the next hot, he might just not know how to present himself to you.

5. He can’t stand you being with another guy

Watch how he reacts when he sees you hanging around another guy. It’s only natural for a guy who likes you to feel sad, angry, depressed like a loser, signs of jealousy, or sulky looks.

So when you see this sign that could count for something- he likes you. But for clever guys, you might not see this sign, but if you get a closer look at his eyes or his body language you might catch something fast before you get caught taking a peep.

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6. He tries to impress you

A guy who likes you can try really hard to impress you with his good looks or dresses exceptionally when he has to be around you. He can also talk glowingly about his achievements, skills, and successes. It, however, depends on how he presents himself; as arrogant, a show-off or he does it in a polite and subtle manner to woo you with time.

7. He avoids looking straight into your eyes

A guy who is timid, but likes you would more likely avoid steering deep into your eyes. Even when he makes a passing look you will almost jump off his skin if you were to look back at him. He fears that by steering too long you could see through to his heart.

8. He loves doing favors

When a guy likes you, he sometimes could go overboard but that’s ok. So, a time he could buy you gifts, lunch, return your missing or a forgotten item, walk you home, notices a stone that should make you fall even before you step on it and is there to catch you before the fall and so many other little things that could win your heart… ‘he is so gentle, nice, doting and more’.

9. He is playing the touching game

When a guy takes advantage of every moment to get closer to you, touching, removing debris from your hair, taps your shoulder when talking, touches your hand, likes to tease you about something relating to your looks, dressing, etc. More often than not he’s got you in his mind’s eye.

Body contact is one of the perfect ways to get closer or intimate with a person.

10. He almost always agrees with you

When a guy likes you he naturally weaves himself into your world so he agrees with you most times. He could change his mind even after saying no just to agree with you. It could be one of several things, though, it is either he likes you, or he’s bored with the conversation or not so much of a witty person and therefore rarely gives an opinion.

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Other hints telling you he’s into you

There are other signs to tell you when a guy likes you secretly, that happens even when he is silent about it, such as the following.

  • He asks for your phone number
  • Sends a friend request via social media
  • Ask if you have a boyfriend
  • Tries to introduce you to others as a special friend
  • Smiles at you looking into your eyes
  • Tries to kiss you, etc.

But the truth remains that the decision is yours to know whether you want a relationship with him. Also, due to a person’s nature, being an introvert or extrovert could affect how a guy gives away or conceals his likeness for you.

The big question remains: what do you want? Is he serious or just hopping around for another relationship for the short term or long term, it’s your call and how you respond will either bring you joy and happiness or heartbreak at last.

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