How to Know if your Child’s Father Still Loves you?

Did you break up with your child’s father, but you have doubts that he’s still in love with you? Is he sending you strong signals that he wants you back?

Well, having a serious relationship with someone you love is the most beautiful and fulfilling feeling in the world, especially if you end up having a baby in the process, but what happens if things go wrong and you split up?

Indeed, it’s normal to keep in touch for the well-being of your baby and to share custody. However, what happens if you have a feeling that your ex-partner wants more from you and maybe he’s still in love with you.

Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll provide you with the 14 most subtle signs which prove that your baby’s father still loves you.

14 signs your ex still loves you

1. Your kid’s dad visits a lot

This is one of the most obvious signs your ex still loves you. After a divorce or breakup, it’s totally normal to share custody of the kid, so the father will have specific days to come visit his son/ daughter and take him/her out. But, if your kid’s father drops a lot by your house for several reasons and not only to see his child, then he’s not just taking care of your baby. He also wants to reconcile with you and make things right again. In short, he misses you, and he’s making up excuses to see you.

Your kid’s dad visits a lot

2. Your baby’s daddy calls a lot

Sometimes, you may ask yourself, does my ex think about me? Nowadays, phone calls and texts have become a measurement of love and care. Therefore if you’re getting enough calls and messages from your boyfriend, then he will surely think about you. That could also mean your former spouse loves you and does care about you and if not, then he’s not interested in you at all.

Accordingly, if you’re still receiving multiple calls from your ex-husband asking about his kid and mostly about how you’re doing, as well as, he sends you cute texts and funny videos, then he still cares about you and wants to get closer to you again.

Your baby’s daddy calls a lot

In fact, He calls you several times a day and several days a week, which means only one thing; that he has strong feelings for you and wants to show you that he’s there for you no matter what.

3. He’s always there for you

After the breakup, many couples go their own way and try to start over. Nonetheless, if your child’s father is still there for you whenever you need him and doesn’t abandon you, then he definitely has a soft heart for you, he adores you, and he’s always by your side whenever you’re in trouble or need a favor. That is one of the subtle signs your ex wants you back.

Your child’s father is still there for you

4. He asks your friends about you

Well, don’t consider this as a way of stalking, but your ex-husband is rather attached to you that he wants to hear all about you from your friends. So even if you’re giving him the cold shoulders, he’ll resort to your friends to make sure you’re alright and that you’re not seeing anyone for the moment.

Ex husband asking your friends about you

Your friends in turn will let you know that your ex-partner contacted them. This certainly shows how much he regrets letting you go and that he actually cares about you and still has feelings for you. By doing that, your ex says he misses you indirectly. So, he may find an excuse to see your child and you at the same time.

5. Your kid’s dad makes plans for your child and you

So whenever your ex-boyfriend comes to take out his kid, he often suggests and insists that you go out with them. He’ll say that there’s no harm in doing so. Moreover, the guy will show you that you both need to protect your kid and show them the right ways to use the Internet or to communicate with people, etc… Then he’ll take you mostly to a romantic restaurant or to a place where you share romantic memories together.

He’ll probably order your favorite meal and drink implying that he never forgets your favorite food. And if the night goes great, maybe things could progress with you two.

Ex boyfriend makes plans for mom and child

Anyway, he wants to show you that he never stopped thinking about you and that he’s insanely in love with you.

6. His social media give him away

Social media platforms are the most prominent and effective tools by which we communicate with people and express our feelings. Thus, if your ex-husband shares mostly love and sad posts, some of your best memories, songs that you both like and have a history with, your mutual pictures, and places you used to visit, then he’s missing you and trying to communicate his feelings through his social media apps.

Ex husband shares love and sad posts on social media

Meantime, you can see if he has dating accounts or not by his email, number, or other ways, but remember that your ex-partner might create those accounts to make you jealous.

7. He still follows you on social media

If your child’s father is still following you on social media, that’s a clear sign that he’s reaching out to you and he’s following your steps. Indeed, if he reacts to your posts and pictures on Instagram or Facebook, then he’s so far still interested in you.

The guy still follows you on social media

Thus, whenever you post a picture of yourself, your former partner will be the first to comment and give you a flirty comment. Consequently, he’s making a stand that you kind of still belong to him, and you’re his to claim.

8. He has different relationships

If your ex-partner is having multiple relationships, but none of them is working out, and he keeps moving from one girl to another. This, in fact, means that he’s not yet emotionally stable to have another serious relationship like you used to have. More evidently, it’s more likely that he idolizes your bond, and no matter how he tries, he can’t find a woman like you.

Ex partner has different relationships

9. Your baby’s father wants to know about your love life

He’s curious about your dating life, he wants to know if you’re seeing other people or not, and if so, he’ll ask you endless questions about them, how they look like, are they good to you, are they treating you well, you’re happy with them, etc….

Baby's father is curious about your dating life

This, in fact, shows how much you mean to him, and though you’re with someone else, he still wants you to be happy. That’s indeed a clear sign of pure love.

10. You catch him looking at you

If you want to know if someone is really in love with you, just watch the way he looks at you. Hence, if you always catch your baby’s daddy looking at you with those dreamy loving puppy eyes thus, he certainly loves you. Even more, if you look back at him and you feel shivers all over your body, then you’re as well still have feelings for him.

You catch him looking at you

When your ex-boyfriend wants you back, there should be clear signs that he really wants to build a stronger relationship. For that reason, always take your time thinking about the whole thing and see if he really means what he says to you.

11. He gets jealous when guys approach you

Jealousy is the strongest sign of love so if sometimes you crossroads at some parties, friends’ gatherings, weddings, or your son’s birthday, pay close attention to his behavior and you’ll notice how jealous he is when other men approach you.

Ex boyfriend gets jealous when guys approach you

It’s evident in his body language; you’ll see how his cheeks are flashing red with anger, his eyes will be throwing daggers at his opponents, and he’ll even rush to you to keep those guys away, pretending that he needs to talk to you about something important concerning your kid.

This is indeed a strong sign that he still has feelings for you and doesn’t want any men to be near you or touch you.

12. He mentions that he’s still single

There are different ways to verify marital status online, but even without asking him, your ex-partner will mention to you that he’s still single. It’s a way to tell you that he’s not interested in other women because he’s already in love with you and doesn’t want to move on. Nevertheless, he would like to go back together with you. In this case, when you still love your ex-husband, try to clarify things and see how the guy changed before making any decision.

He mentions that he’s still single

13. He quit his bad habits

Maybe your breakup happened after a series of unsolved problems, and most of these problems were because of your ex’s behavior. So, if he used to have bad habits such as alcohol addiction, work issues, bad money spending, etc… and he quit them after your separation, then it’s a great chance that he dropped these ugly habits to become the person you want him to be, therefore, winning you back.

He quit his bad habits

14. He drops everything he’s doing when you call

Whenever you ask for your ex-partner’s help, he leaves everything behind and comes to the rescue. It doesn’t matter where he is, what he’s doing, or with whom he is, he’ll bail and come to you. You’re a priority for him, and nothing or anyone can compete with you. This is truly the clearest sign that he’s still in love with you and he’ll do anything to keep you safe and sound.

You are a priority for your ex partner


To sum it up, these are the most prominent signs which indicate that your kid’s dad is still in love with you. If your ex is thinking about you and not only about the kid, then it’s up to you whether you’d like to get back to him or move on and stay friends with him. This is your call, but always verify that he changed and he’s willing to come back to you without old habits you don’t like.

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