Best Ways to Increase your Brain Creativity and Imagination

Creativity and imagination in your band isn’t something to have by accident or to put your finger on, it is rather a magic mix of talent, hard work, and most of all persistence. In other words; to improve your creative thinking and bring new ideas, you have to spend some time imagining and stimulating your brain to explore, and experiment with things.

Now to be honest; we all hold that little envy against all those creative people who come up with those artsy brilliant ideas; we can’t stop wondering though what makes them who they are; yet for those of us who aspire to do the same, it is important to realize the keys or the pathway to creativity…

How to increase creativity in the brain

Google it

It’s sometimes not easy to find answers to questions without using Google, you can’t find every expert in the real-life and the world is so big, so, when you want to learn about a new thing, use the Google search engine and compare the answers with what you already have as ideas.

Some websites and blogs have all the resources you need for a whole project or industry, so, there is nothing to lose if you have a library of guides and studies that others do and share for your success.

We’re in the 21 century and the Internet has millions of sites to browse and learn more, so you can find every single project you imagine, or at least there is the information you need to see if the project is worth it or not and if there is already someone else who has your own idea.

Many experts become well known for their industries because they spend a lot of time in research and that helps them to boost their creativity at work and wins the respect of their managers and CEOs.

Open up to the world

This is about staying open to new experiences, there are two kinds of people in this world; those who are afraid to do something new and those who are hungry for whatever is new for their souls—beware of the first type! There are few Factors though indispensable to openness…

  • Cognitive ability (It is whatever that has to do with mental rotation, memory, and reasoning)
  • Research
  • Affection
  • Aesthetic engagement (the emotional absorption of whatever is artistic; fantastic)

Remember that Jim Carrey movie? ‘Yes Man’. Well… you’re gonna need some of Jimmy’s soul. Don’t inhibit yourself from exploring new things and driving yourself into new experiences. This will help you discover and understand new perspectives on life you wouldn’t probably find on a regular basis.

Relax your mind

Creativity is some sort of force that only occurs when you detach your mind from all the strict logical limitations of our existence. To put it simply, creativity is not something that requires an enormous amount of brainpower or special timing; it just occurs when you least expect it.

Keep in mind that when you stress yourself with these ideas, issues, and daily life circumstances, you’ll just kill your creativity. You don’t have to think about all the problems at the same time and neglect the fact that you should relax your mind to be able to treat information and think better.

So chill…take your cup of tea and never stress about coming up with an idea because it will just come on its own.

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Don’t be afraid of bad ideas

This is actually pretty important, some people get a lot of ideas, but they never really take any of them to the next level and it’s because they think they’re just bad ideas.

You need to know there is no such thing as a bad idea, in fact, every idea is susceptible to change, to develop, and to adjust. So, whenever an idea pops up in your head, don’t shut it down! Take it to practice; study it closely and start to work on it even if you think it’s not good enough.

The process of working on an idea is a source of inspiration itself… No idea is perfect from the start. In addition, some innovations that changed the world are the result of difficult circumstances that pushed creators to develop new things and technologies to solve a problem.

Moreover, when you see that you expect a bad scenario for a project or business, don’t let that be an obstacle and completely block your imagination and kill your creativity, it’s just like that, nothing is 100% clear from the beginning and there is no success without stressful ideas.

Embrace chaos

Recent research done by a group of researchers at the University of Minnesota has proven that chaotic environments like a messy room or unorganized desktop may actually have a better influence on your insight than traditional (organized) spaces.

I quote their words:

Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights.

In other words, if you find yourself not able to come up with a new idea, change the room where you normally work in, go outside the house if you can. If you have a garage with garbage, it can stimulate your brand to be more creative and find new things you never imagined before. Don’t expect to improve your creativity skills when you live in the same place, do the same things, and talk to the same people around you, change all that for a while and you’ll boost your imagination and thinking.

Ask questions

Asking questions is the simplest, yet the best method of research, when you try to analyze it a bit; you’ll figure out that any creative idea you get is the only extraction from your own memory.

Meaning is… a load of information restored in your brain is the basic data to any sort of idea you’re willing to work on. So don’t hesitate to ask questions and to dig after information and tips all the time; it’s your memory fuel. Also, don’t neglect the fact that when making connections between ideas, you’ll be more creative, naturally. Thus, being curious is one of the best techniques for creativity in business and life.

If you feel that something is blocking your creativity and it’s almost impossible for you to think about new things, go for a short trip, even take the car where you’ve never driven before, there are many places and things that stimulate the brain and make it think better.

In today’s world of routine, the brain can be fully saturated and stops being creative, however, when you change the place and the environment, new ideas will come naturally as it will look for ways to adapt and ask more questions.

Those who want to impress their managers and bring new ideas, don’t stop asking questions, there are many things to improve, so, it’s one of the keys to creativity in the workplace and also in life.

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‘To observe’ does not mean at all ‘to see’, It’s to look at the deep sensations and meanings or whatever it is you’re seeing, in reality, the process of observation allows you to own the spirit of the doer. It will help you acquire more vision, more understanding of the world, and definitely more wisdom.

See how things work, watch a documentary and find what people are doing to solve a problem or improve things. Don’t just watch, but think and compare things together with your daily life, etc… If you think that’s not a good idea, think twice, it’s always frustrating to keep all the days thinking about the same things, but once you learn new things, your brain starts being more creative.

If there is something you like and that works and it’s successful as a project, see how it works, and look for details and even numbers, that can enhance your creativity in entrepreneurship and help you to succeed.

Keep it simple and understand things better

Believe it or not; simplicity is the ultimate form of complexity, you need to know that the most successful inventions of all time started with simple ideas. Don’t try to complicate yours in order to make it more interesting or original because it will only ruin it. Keep it simple and clear; it’s easier to handle and definitely easier to develop.

Life is not as easy as it was a decade ago, and new things come with their own issues, and solving all the problems is not a comfortable situation for all of us. Instead, when you find a problem, stop thinking about how it’s blocking your whole project or ideas, and think of it as a result of multiple factors that you need to identify. Search for causes, and link things together, you’ll find a solution in the end and you’ll be stronger when facing all the issues and complexities.

Keep in mind that when you look for what causes a problem, your brain will be more creative and that’s how popular entrepreneurs started, they found themselves in big troubles, and their brains adapt and innovate amazing solutions.

Make new connections

This is, of course, relative to your personality; some people are introverted and they get most creative when alone. However, we should not underestimate the importance of social life—Not any social life though! You need to surround yourself with creative people who are as motivated as you are, It’s very inspirational, funny, and extremely helpful.

Lots of guys spend their time talking with people with negative opinions and bad behavior, so, look for those who are smart, easy to communicate with, and even work together for some things. When being alone all the time, there are good and bad things at the same time, so, it’s always possible to find new suggestions, creative innovations, and solutions for people you talk to or even hang out with. But, the key here is to select with whom you hang out and exchange ideas and not everyone who makes things worse.

LinkedIn is a good place to find new connections online, and the best thing about professional social networks is that they bring all kinds of ideas, so you always have things to think about. Also, why not visit expositions and public meetings, there are many things to discover and make connections with creative people.

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Many small business owners learned new skills in online marketing and became creative in eCommerce because they followed the right people and built revolutionary smart ways to increase sales. It’s like making a friend who is an expert in business and getting help and tips from him when you ask.

Face your fears

Don’t ever be scared of failure, nobody makes it at the first shot, keep in mind that we are here to learn; to stumble; to take second chances, to stumble again, and then eventual success.

Who cares if you fail a million times as long as you believe in yourself! Don’t let your fears hold you down from making something great; fear is just in your head… Get over it.

Nothing is easy to realize, and it’s always possible to encounter problems, but what really matters is your willingness to take the risk and go for a real adventure in life. Every project has risks and if you don’t overcome your fear, it’s not easy to process.

If you think you have lots of fears that are blocking your brain from being creative, take a break, go for a vacation and even go outside the country, see other places and you’ll be amazed by the ideas and motivations you get from others around the world.

Push it and don’t give up

Don’t give up no matter what the circumstances are, giving up is actually the worst part of it all… A lot of people start working on really great projects, but they just give up on them soon as they start to lose faith in their ideas.

Don’t lose faith in yours, if you don’t like it, try to look at it from a different angle, give it another try; ask someone for help but don’t give up on it. You have to be persistent. I know some people who live in the USA and Japan who spent years testing their products, and every time they fail, but they keep trying and fixing the problems, now, they have their own companies with products that bring millions of dollars in revenue. The obstacles are what force the brain to bring new ideas and innovate things, and that’s what adds real value to what people create.

Focus on one thing

There are going to be a million obstacles on your way; don’t let any inhibit you from doing what you’re doing. You have to focus on your idea and avoid any kinds of distractions. Instead of thinking negatively about your problem, try to disassemble it into small issues, and once you identify them, you’ll end up solving every issue and be proud of it. Take notes, organize things, and if I like the idea of keeping track of what someone does as modifications or additions, so, when things work badly, there is always a way to know what caused that.

Final word

I hope you found these tricks and tips helpful to take your brain creativity to the next level, it’s always recommended to focus on one thing at a time and study every single part of the project, that’s the best way to be more productive and come up with innovative ideas that succeed in any business or industry.

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