How to Search Someone’s Phone Number Online

Want to search for the phone number of someone? But you don’t know how and where you should start? And you need personal details such as the location and their addresses? So, here we’ll show you the best ways to search people’s phone numbers using basic details like their first and last names, email, etc…

Some search ways work better than others in locating cell phone numbers and contact details in general. So, we’ll show you the top options. That way, you start with the method that works best. And if it doesn’t work, make sure you try the next one until you search for the information.

Searching someone’s phone number in 6 ways

To search someone’s contact numbers through Internet tools, follow the best practices in search. Some search engines can search for people and their mobile numbers. While others ask you for additional details, you need to have as much information as you can about the person you’re searching for.

1. Search their numbers by name

This is the first option and the easiest way to search a person’s phone number using his name and without asking them. What you need is a powerful search tool with sophisticated algorithms and a large database. What works well is this tool, so make sure you try it and type in the search box, the name of the person you need to search for his number.

The tool has a huge database of numbers and names that are updated daily. So, there are more chances than almost any other website to search phone numbers using names and locations. In the final report, you’ll search the person’s last name, first name, and of course the cell phone numbers he owned and also the Facebook account and all the social media profiles. In addition, you get the person’s photos, previous address, and current address on the map.

All that is just a few of the many more options and details you get in the search report. Take a look at the next example of a report from this great tool.

Contact numbers found in report

In the contact information section, you get the cell phone numbers and almost all the other numbers that a person has. That includes his cell phone number, his landline numbers, and even more if available.

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On the other hand, you can use PeopleLooker, which comes with other search options like the phone reverse search, in fact, the phone number search tool works well. So, exactly like the above options, you need to search the person’s name and select the state. Then click the search button, within a few seconds, the software will scan millions of records, numbers, and names based on your search parameters.

Next, you may view a few suggestions corresponding to the same person’s name and location. Of course, you need to select one of these suggestions, and you’ll search for the exact person you wanted. In the person’s report, you’ll get his phone number, his address, and even social media profiles and photos if available.

2. Search numbers by email address

If you already have the person’s email address, then, search that email, and you may view his phone number. This is easy, and accurate at the same time. One email address should be used by one person in the majority of the cases. So, you’ll search his number using the email address only.

What you need is a good email address search tool like the one above. Also, you can use the previously mentioned tools. They work well for email address search and also full name search. The user gets the numbers he was searching for in a clear report.

In addition to mobile numbers, you can also search profiles, which may be needed when you have doubts about your partner.

3. Searching their numbers through a property

This may look new to many, but you can easily search the owner of a property and get his phone number online. Use the above search options and you’ll be able to type the exact street address of almost anyone. Then, wait for the search to complete and you’ll get a report with a phone number, name, and more.

multiple search options

There is also an additional search option which is the VIN search, so, there is always a way to get a number using the person’s car VIN code.

These options work better for those who want to buy a house and don’t know the owner of a property. So, these tools reveal the owner of a property by searching for an address only.

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4. PeopleLooker

This is another recommended people search website that offers multiple ways and options. In reality, you can use the search box and search people’s phone numbers using their name, address, or email address. However, there is a people search directory that you can browse and search people. Thousands of users use this great tool to search background information about people they need to know more about, to locate and may help verify their real information.

So, to start searching, use the people search directory database by letters. So, you’ll search a long list of last names starting with that letter. Now, select the one you think is best, and again, you need to filter the search by selecting one person. Finally, you get results for that exact name in different states and locations in the USA.

The user can browse names, search ages, locations, and relatives. For the people’s phone numbers, email addresses, and very detailed information, there is a premium subscription that is worth it.

5. LinkedIn can show you their numbers

This is another way to find out someone’s number, LinkedIn is a great network. So, there are chances that the person has already added his phone number to his profile. For that reason, try the LinkedIn search tool and type in the exact name of the person.

Find someone's phone number on LinkedIn

If there is any profile with that name, you’ll find it. Exactly as the Google search, you can filter the search results by location and more. So, when you find the person’s profile on LinkedIn, in the personal details, you’ll find “Contact info”. Now, click on that and you may see any phone number if that’s available in addition to their social accounts.

6. Use Google?

If you are still searching for a person’s phone number, and get no answers. Then, make sure to try the Google search. Believe it or not, Google can provide all the information you need about people, but of course, the only condition is that their data should be already visible to Google.

So, to get started, search for the person’s full name, and add a few details, including his age, address, or location if you know any of them.

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These additional details also Google algorithm to filter the search results and return the correct answers. If that doesn’t work, you can try the Google advanced search. It’s a powerful search filtering tool that helps you to get anyone’s details where you want. You can select the website to search on, the language, the location, and more.

Tips for finding people’s phone numbers

As you can see, from the above details, people can find someone’s phone number with their name and that’s for free with Google. But that won’t always be a working method. In most cases, people who keep their contact details hidden know that others may try to search for them online. So, they’ll do their best to keep their phone numbers private.

That being said, technology can help you in finding their numbers if you use the right search tool. So, take your time and collect all the possible details about that specific person you want to contact. Ask yourself if he or she has another name, username, or even any email address. Also, keep in mind that social media sites are full of data and you can get most of that by typing the first name and getting the phone number on the associated Facebook account.

Instagram and Snapchat can also have more details about people. So, once you know any username about that specific individual, make sure you type it at the end of the Instagram URL. That can show you their hidden account there, which you can use later to check if there is any other cell phone number on that profile page.

Snapchat and TikTok may allow users to share contact numbers with their friends. So, it’s a good idea to look for that person’s profile there. Then, follow them and see if you can have access to their mobile numbers.


We hope you find this guide on how you can find someone’s phone number helpful and clear. If you think that there is one option that we missed, make sure to add it to your comment. Or, let us know about that search option using the contact page.

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