How to Search if Someone is Married

Do you need to search if someone is married or not in the United States? Or probably you want to search if a guy you like on a dating site or on social media is single or divorced using the Internet?

So, keep reading the full article, we’ll show you exactly how to search marriage status online without asking people for that, we’ll use different methods and the best ways.

So, make sure you follow the tips one by one to search if the man is lying about his marital status because he has a wife or even more, you may see if he has a girlfriend and save lots of time searching.

4 ways to search if a guy is married

1. Use public records (best option)

This is the fastest, and the best method to search the marital status of a person in the USA. All you have to do is to use a quality background search system like this powerful tool.

Then, you need to type in the search box, the full name, email, or the cell phone number of that guy, and hit the search button. Meanwhile, if you know where the person lives, select the state. That way, it will be easier to search someone’s marital status in California or Texas for example because of that filter.

You’ll search for lots of personal information about the person but only for the United States. On the other hand, If you search for marital status in another country, use the below options.

The tool can help you search his or her marital status under “Associated” people”. From there, you’ll search for more detail about the records and even save them as PDF. So, you’ll search if he’s married before even going further in your relationships. You don’t want to engage with a man who lies when he has another woman.

Here is a simple overview of what you can get in the search report, the guy’s phone numbers, addresses, and social media accounts in parallel with other details like if he is married, divorced, and if none of that, then, he’s single.

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is he married divorced or single

How does marriage status search work?

Some states have different laws, and they can limit the search data, in fact, this powerful tool does a great job. It scans the web and social media profiles to trace almost anyone who was legally married. So, it’s a must-have option for girls who need to search if the guy they have a crush on, or exchange texts with him, a dating website, or on Facebook is real single or has a girlfriend if not married.

The above-recommended website works well, and it’s the best option, the recommended marriage records search system works faster than other sites because it has a huge database of names and data about millions of people.

2. Search through social media sites

This is not a secret since billions of people connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. But wait, how to know whether or not the guy you have a crush on is espoused or not using these social media sites?

In reality, not all people know about the features of these popular websites. In fact, they’re huge databases of personal details about people just like you, forget the lie of privacy (there is no real privacy online), and search people’s marriage status by looking at their “about” section on Facebook or other social networks.

These days, you can easily find if the man you like got married recently or for years by browsing the social media account details, but that’s only valid if the person wants to show his details, otherwise, if that’s hidden, then, this won’t work as the above technique.

3. Facebook

Actually, you can log in to Facebook, and then, search for the man’s or woman’s full name, you can also filter the results by country or state, which will show you accurate results. Next, browse the person’s Facebook photos, and look for mentions of marriage or relationship details.

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There is a secret trick in this search, did you know that the guy may have a secret Facebook account? Many do that and they have multiple Facebook accounts. So, how do you know that? Well, use the above search tool we mentioned and you may find all the social media accounts of the man.

Then, visit the profiles you found and search for photos and information, or even in the “posts” section or timeline. You’ll be surprised by the number of details you can find there about that special person. However, keep the search accurate with the correct details you type in the search box.

4. Ask their friends

This is not always the case, you may know one of the man’s friends, but you don’t need to ask. However, you still have the option to secretly ask that friend about that person’s wife, divorce, or family. Just let the conversation look natural and meanwhile, try to indirectly find the answer.

In fact, friends, especially the old ones, talk more about their relationships, their families, and marriage. If someone you know has close friends, then, why not try this way? It can work.

To find any of the person’s friends, you can take a look at his Facebook profile, or even know them in the real world. Just be respectful and try to find the information about someone’s possible marriage without being annoying.

What if the person is married in another country?

This is a situation that’s more complicated to deal with, the fact that a man probably has a wife in another country has many limitations for investigating. If you’re lucky enough, you can search for marriage records that are public in that country.

There are websites that work only in some regions, but they have a small number of records. That being said, it shouldn’t stop you from trying, use websites that operate in specific places, or use the above-recommended site we tried and found better.

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There is another trick you can try to see if somebody is married, use Google search and type in the man’s full name and add “marriage” at the end. Sometimes, people neglect the documents they shared online, and Google could access these documents and index them.

The same thing applies to divorce documents, use Google search or Bing, and give them a try. You can check if your crush has someone else he hides when there is a document, comment, or information on any search engine, but always verify that.


We hope you got a clear idea, it’s not always possible to tell if a person is married, divorced, widowed, or none of that without asking him directly. Of course, there are many other ways, but we think these are the best methods to verify marital status without being disturbing for others.

If you use the recommended options, you don’t need to hire an investigator like what you found on online articles and social media. That said, there are many occasions on which you still need to hire a private investigator to find public marriage records for someone you know and want to verify, but that should be your last solution if no other method works and you really need a final answer.

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