Best Websites to Watch Animated Cartoons and Comics for Free

Searching the web for cartoons might just prove to be difficult. There are A LOT of results that would be shown when searching. It may get confusing, and you wouldn’t have the choice but to randomly click on any link that can give you what you’re searching for.

Some websites may offer their streaming service totally for free, or they can provide free services with certain limits (you have to pay for full access.) Most would require you to sign-up to be able to access their videos.

However, given the number of people watching via the internet, there are recommendations and suggestions in choosing the website that you will stream from.

The favorite and best websites that people usually go to when they want to watch their favorite shows are quite a number. Three (3) sites are mostly used for cartoons and kids like them very much:

Recommended sites

1. Disney Junior

This is the website dedicated to showcasing Disney’s shows. The kids are the main audience that this site targets. Children may be able to watch the Disney Junior shows that they have missed on TV on this site.

Aside from watching cartoons online, there are also fun games available for them to play. If your child is in an innovative and creative mood, the site also provides the kiddo a venue to create arts and crafts, from coloring to puzzles.

The parents will not need to worry, if they want to watch too, they have a page for Disney Junior parents. The site redirects you based on the location that you are located at.

2. Animeflavor

If you are one who loves Japanese cartoons, then this site is for you.

3. Cartoons On

This is also one of the best websites, it offers a complete package from cartoons on TV to films. You can search for a particular show or film by the Studio, the characters, or the shows. Anime lovers need not worry as the site also has anime.

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There are still some other sites, to name a few, these are, Watch Cartoon Online,  YouTube, and Go Go Anime.

Choose and decide

One must enjoy life, and you can do so by doing your favorite activities. This may include sleeping, exercising, reading, or listening to music. There are those who opt to watch TV series, movies. So, kids and adults alike have their favorite programs to enjoy.

With the internet, you can enjoy these shows wherever you are, no matter what time of day. One of the factors to consider would be where you will stream. An important thing to know though is the factors that may affect you, starting with the security of the device. These sites may have Trojans and malware that could damage your device.

Other details

Cartoons are one of the favorite forms of communication or expression for most people. It is a form of art, which typically depicts humor and can be seen in newspapers, comics, and magazines. The programs can be said as an exaggeration of an interpretation of something.

These films can be classified into different types, examples of which would be the political (or editorial), comic strips and gag, and animated cartoons.

The political anime is usually a comic strip that contains and shows views, opinions, or messages about politics or social issues.

Gag animes are those comic strips that are usually found in newspapers and magazines, and are sometimes just called “comics.” These are usually full of humor and fun but, depending on the story being illustrated, can also be a bit dramatic and action-packed.

Currently, cartoons most likely refer to these animated versions that are shown from TV to movies targeting mostly children. Do not think though that only the kids are fond of them.

Adults also love to watch these kiddie shows. There are also those that are entirely created and called adult cartoons. Japanese cartoons (some of which are also mainly for adults) are called “anime.”

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The history of cartoons and animation

It was in the Silent Era (1900-1930) when the cartoon animations started. It started with theatrical shows in 1903. It was in 1906 that the first animated film was created using stop-motion photography. Film historians consider Fantasmagorie as the first animated film using cartoons drawn by hand. Felix the Cat is the first animated star.

The Golden Era (1930-1950) for American Animation introduced the Merrie Melodies series by Warner Brothers Cartoons. That is also the period where animated features using hand-drawn drawings started with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Animated programs on TV started to become popular in the years 1960 to 1980. Hanna-Barbera introduced Yogi Bear to national television. In the years to follow, animated cartoons evolved.

Now, there are programs that are computer-animated (known as computer-generated imagery or CGI) such as Toy Story and Nemo. The world of animated cartoons, however, is still growing as technology constantly changes.

There are three-dimensional films (3D), 4-dimensional (4D) Technology. We will never know for now what comes next to these in form and format as the innovative ideas grow, these innovations will be implemented thus advancement can occur. We can just sit tight and wait.

The medium where we can watch animated cartoons has also evolved. It started with a theatrical showing then, to television and next, to film. Now, with the use of the internet, cartoons are available to anyone at any time via some websites that provide online streaming services.

Choosing what website to use is up to you, these are just selections by the users and fellow cartoon lovers. You know what you like; you know what could make you relax and laugh. Ultimately, the choice of what to watch and where to watch is yours.

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